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Progress Water Products has a standing policy of working closely with our partners from both a commercial and technical point of view .

Our agreement on long terms goals and commitment to customer satisfaction strengthen the bonds with our major partners.

Our goal is to continuously provide our customers with premiere products and solutions, through working  with industry leaders.

Our partners include :
Etatron DS
  • Solenoid dosing pumps
  • Motor dosing pumps
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Water treatment controllers and monitors
  • Solution tanks and mixers
  • Cooling Tower controllers and systems
  • Swimming Pool controllers and systems  
Dow Chemical
  • Filmtec Reverse Osmosis membranes (RO)
  • Filmtec Nano Filtration membranes (NF)
  • DOWEX® Ion Exchange resins
  • Electrodeionzation Modules (EDI)
  • Omexell Ultrafiltration systems
  • Omexell Ultafiltration modules


Pentair Water Treatment
  • Structural composite 
    mineral tanks
  • Codeline reverse osmosis vessels
  • Fleck softening and 
    filtration control valves
  • Siata softening ,filtration and
    demin control valves
  • Structural vessel distribution
Jacobi Carbons
  • Aquasorb carbons
  • Colorsorb carbons
  • Addsorb carbons
  • Gold Sorb
  • Ecosorb
  • Dioxsorb
HC & T
  • Reverse osmosis vessels
  • Flow meters