Progress Water Products Committed to protecting your water
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Progress Water Products offers the full range of water treatment products and services to meet your for industrial, commercial and  residential sized needs.

Whether it is standard products or customized solutions that you need, Progress Water Products is committed to offer you the most suitable package to meet your needs.

Our focus on quality and attention to product performance, allow us to offer you reliable and long lasting products that will give you the best value for money.

Our products include:

Electrodeionzation Modules (EDI)
      Ultrafiltration systems and Modules (UF)
Nano filtration membranes (NF)
Activated carbon for odor control
Anthracite for media filtration
Solenoid dosing pumps
Motor dosing pumps
Peristaltic pumps
Water treatment controllers and monitors
Solution tanks and mixers
Cooling Tower controllers and systems
Swimming Pool controllers and systems
         Reverse osmosis membranes & systems (brackish, sea water, medical, potable, industrial water and high fouling)
Reverse osmosis pressure vessels (composite, PVC, stainless steel)
System instrumentation (flow meters, TDS meters, ORP meters, pH meters, conductivity meters, turbidity meters, chart recorders)
Softening resins and systems (standard and uniform particle size)
Cabinet softeners
Brine tanks and accessories


Activated carbon and activated carbon systems for organics removal and de-chlorination
Media filtration systems
Activated carbons for color removal
Composite filter vessels
Stainless steel cartridge filter vessels
Automatic and manual control valves for softeners
Automatic control valves for demineralizers
Automatic and manual control valves for filters
Plastic solenoid valves

Composite and steel vessels for filters, softeners and demineralizers
Oil removal filters and systems
Grease removal traps
Our Services include:
Reverse osmosis system sizing & design
Softener sizing & design
Demineralizer sizing & design
Filtration systems sizing & design
System troubleshooting
Start up procedures
Training programs